Campaign Overview #

Campaign is an email marketing plugin built specifically for Craft 3. It aims to bring the distribution of content by email into the CMS, where we believe it should be, along with the same ethos of flexibility and user-friendliness that Craft does.

Pricing #

The Campaign plugin is available to purchase in the official Craft Plugin Store.
Campaign LITE: $149 plus $49 per subsequent year for updates (optional)
Campaign PRO: $249 plus $89 per subsequent year for updates (optional, view pro features)

The Story Behind Campaign #

We believe that while email marketing SaaS services such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor fill an important gap, they are not necessarily the best choice when your content already exists in a CMS. With Craft, your content can be beautifully modular and reusable, so why would you (or your clients) ever want to have to copy-paste and reformat content into an email? We believe that the entire experience of creating, sending and monitoring campaigns, as well as managing contacts and mailing lists, belongs in the CMS.

In 2012 we built and released FireMail, an ExpressionEngine add-on which has been used on hundreds of websites. FireMail allows CMS users to send and monitor email campaigns, yet because of the technical limitations of the framework that it was built on, it suffers in performance and scalability when used on high-traffic sites with large mailing lists. We toyed with the idea of building a similar plugin for Craft 2 when it was released, yet it wasn't until the release of Craft 3 beta that we made the decision to build the Campaign plugin. As developers who care tenaciously about attention to detail, we were and we remain dedicated to creating flexible, scalable and performant software.

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