Integrations #

You can easily integrate your plugin with Campaign by using any of the available elements in src/elements or the service classes in src/services.

Getting/Creating a Contact #

Before creating a contact, you should always check if one already exists with the same email address.

$contact = Campaign::$plugin->contacts->getContactByEmail('[email protected]');

if ($contact === null) {
    $contact = new ContactElement();
    $contact->email = '[email protected]';
    $contact->customFieldName = $customFieldValue;


Subscribing a Contact to a Mailing List #

You can subscribe a contact to a mailing list using the subscribe method of the TrackerService class.

$mailingList = MailingListElement::find()->slug($mailingListSlug)->one();

if ($mailingList === null) {
    throw new NotFoundHttpException(Craft::t('campaign', 'Mailing list not found'));

$source = Craft::$app->getRequest()->getReferrer();

Campaign::$plugin->tracker->subscribe($contact, $mailingList, 'web', $source);

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